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Less waste, more results for the sawmill industry

The first step towards significantly improving productivity is Finnos’ cutting edge log scanner, which incorporates advanced laser and X-ray technologies. The user-friendly system helps control sorting accurately, producing consistent end product quality and efficient use of raw material.

We offer expertise according to the turnkey principle: from planning and manufacturing to application development and maintenance. Our tailored solutions are suitable for sawmills of all sizes. Investing in latest measurement technology is worth it, with significant benefits meaning that payback times for even smaller mills will be very short. Installation and setup takes a week, after which you get to enjoy all the benefits of more accurate measuring and quality sorting.

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X-Ray Log Scanner

Finnos FUSION Log Scanner

Our flagship system Finnos Fusion log scanner combines advanced laser and X-ray measurement technologies. Our software produces all necessary data for your mill's processes and is easy to integrate into production management and other information systems. Our data helps you minimize waste and maximize benefits!

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Modular light system

Finnos Lite Log Scanner

The Lite log scanner is designed for smaller needs. This is a budget-friendly first step towards significant improvements in productivity. The key benefit of the solution is significant raw material savings gained through accurate top diameter measurements. The system has 3D and x-ray modules, which can be installed separately or in a bundle.

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Scanner for sawline

Log Optimizer

Finnos Optimizer is an x-ray scanner for sawline, which optimizes the cutting pattern and orientation of logs resulting in increased yield. Finnos Optimizer connected to Finnos Fusion provides log-by-log fingerprint tracking. This enables identification and removing individual bottlenecks in production process.

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Ergonomic and Efficient Working Environment

Operator Environment EROP

Finnos EROP is designed for operator's ergonomic and easy working. Operator environment is integrated to Finnos Sorting software. There are two models and variety of upgrades available to make EROP fit the needs of your sawmill.

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A Lot More Than Just Scanning

Other Services

  • AI Solutions
  • Log Yard Control Systems
  • Log Recorders
  • Set-Up Systems
  • Production Planning Systems
  • Consulting

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