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Installation of Log Scanner in Tervola Sawmill is in Progress

Lapin Kansa has written an article about installation of Finnos Fusion log scanner to Tervola sawmill. With the new log scanner the sawmill can minimize waste and maximize benefits of purchased logs. The article was published in 11/29/2019.

- We are expecting yield to improve and 1-3 % of raw material savings, evaluates the CEO Juha Kokkonen.

The installation of the log scanner has progressed as planned. Sawmill entrepreneur Lea Kokkonen flatters Finnos as the main equipment supplier and the subcontractors for the fact that the installation works has progressed on schedule and the work has been clean. The interview states that the installation work is at a stage, where only the electrification and the automation installation work are still in progress. The log scanner can be utilized in the planned time frame.

Read the whole article in Finnish: Link to the article

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