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finnos-More return for the pulp and energy industry
Pulp and energy industry

Take a radical productivity leap

Improve energy production and pulp manufacture using the Finnos woodchip analyzer.


The Finnos Woodchip Analyzer system analyzes woodchip humidity and density in real time while identifying any foreign objects with X-ray technology. The system is based on several measurement technologies offering an alternative to traditional methods that require sampling. The system is an innovative approach to improve energy production and pulp manufacturing.

The system is suitable for any solid biofuels and woodchip types used in pulp manufacturing. Our applications can be flexibly integrated into existing information systems.

Woodchip quality control system

Finnos Woodchip analyzer

The Finnos system incorporates several measurement technologies, including X-ray. The system continuously measures the woodchip flow, producing real-time analysis that can be used in the production process. Our system provides a comprehensive view of your raw materials' flow characteristics.

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Finnos Woodchip analyzer



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