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Major delivery for Finnos in North America

Finnos and Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc have agreed about a delivery consisting of Finnos Fusion log scanner (3D+X-ray) enhanced with state-of-the-art AI software. Additionally Finnos delivers a board scanner for planer mill with moisture meter and board end vision scanner.

Finnos Fusion will be used at log sorting line to sort logs not only to their geometrical features but also according to the internal quality features such as knots etc. Additionally the mill can sort the logs by the wood species as well. The scanners will be delivered to Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc. mill in Colville, WA.

"We chose Finnos because of their commitment of flexibility in solving our current problems and promise to work towards creating future solutions to continually improve our efficiency and yield."
David Bruce, Vaagen Brother Lumber Inc.

We are excited to partner with Vaagen Brothers for the next several decades as scanning partner in North America.