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Stora Enso's latest log scanner installed at the Varkaus sawmill

Finnos’ log scanner was installed at Stora Enso's Varkaus sawmill at the end of August. It was a question of replacing the old log scanner with a new one. The former scanner was already 20 years old and now it was the time to invest in modern technology and upgrade the scanner to this millennium.

Stora Enso has previously been supplied with five Fusion log scanners and the operator's chairs EROP, e.g. for the Uimaharju, Honkalahti, Alytus, Imavere and Ala sawmills. In Varkaus, Finnos' log scanner was chosen because of the experience with previous installations was good.

Immediate benefits of replacing a log scanner

The benefits of a log scanner are easy to demonstrate. Economic significance is the most important factor. Primarily, Stora Enso sought to improve the yield, i.e. better operating margins, through scanner replacement. Furthermore, with the help of the data produced by the log scanners, losses can be reduced. The X-ray scanner also performs strength sorting, so there is added value to the final product right from the log sorting.

Planning plays a key role in successful installation

In terms of installation, the new log scanner is a project of one week. First, disassemble the old scanner and make the necessary conveyor changes for the new one. After the installation of the new log scanner, the testing phase begins, in which the scanner is calibrated and tested before taking it into production, says Lauri Vilhunen, Stora Enso's shift foreman. The project started in January 2021. During the spring, there was plenty of time to go through all the phases of the project in advance. Vilhunen praises Finnos' personnel, who visited the site several times. Preparations and studies were done properly since each sawmill is unique. The product concept of the log scanner is good, i.e. easy to install. However, installing the scanner always requires good groundwork, as the necessary changes are made to existing structures.

The project was done in time and according to the planned schedule

Finnos' staff was very service-oriented. Cooperation with them has gone well. They know their business and are focused on customer service. Testing was done quickly and the scanner was immediately ready for use. The project progressed as planned according to the schedule. The customer can count on what was agreed. There were no surprises, Vilhunen summarizes. The installation went safely, on schedule and on budget. Safety is very important to Stora Enso and this condition was met throughout the project. The cooperation will certainly continue from now on, because the experiences are so good, says Lauri Vilhunen.

Watch the installation video below!


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