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Remarkable Advantages with New Measuring Technology

Swedish NTT magazine published an article on the 31st of January about their visit in Finnos and Mustola Timber. Finnos scanner has now been in use in Mustola for two years and their CEO Raine Koskinen says that the scanner has worked perfectly under all weather conditions. The scanner has made it possible to produce same amount of sawn timber out of smaller logs. Despite the difficult conditions during this winter they have still remained satisfied in Mustola.

CEO of Finnos, Jere Heikkinen tells that in Mustola they didn't invest in anything else than in Finnos scanner on 2018 so it's quite easy to conclude what is behind the good results.

All Finnos scanners are manufactured from start to finish by Finnos' own team. The fast installation makes it possible to install systems all year round. At the moment over 50 % of all Finnish raw material is scanned with Finnos' systems. So clearly something has been done right, says Heikkinen. Now the heads have already started to turn also towards other countries.

You can read the whole article in Swedish from here.