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Finnos Starts Co-operation with Tervolan Saha and Vara Sawmill

Finnos made two new contracts at WOOD fair 2019 with Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö in Finland and Vara Sawmill in Estonia. Finnos Fusion log scanners will be installed this year in log sorting.

"Finnos uses the newest technology in their scanners and they are developed with professional team. I think the scanner will bring us economical benefit in raw material sawings. I'm not sure how much the savings will be, but we will know it after the startup. I have also received positive feedback from other sawmills, which have purchased Finnos scanner," says Juha Kokkonen, CEO of Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö.

The Managing Director of Vara Sawmill, Andres Hummal, tells that Finnos won their trust with very professional sales process. The goals in the project are accurate bark thickness measuring and 1,5-2 % better yield.

At WOOD 2019 Finnos presented new control system for sawmilling business, which makes possible to plan the whole sawmilling process with artificial intellingence.

"I'm looking forward for AI solutions after the log scanner. The identification of logs throughout the process and teaching the scanner in log sorting with further scanners is a great idea," continues Juha Kokkonen.

"We have made a contact with the world leading AI company called Fourkind. Our goal is the singularity of sawmill industry which means achieving  the"consciousness" of AI," tells Jere Heikkinen, CEO of Finnos.

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