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2/16/2021 | Customer Stories

Vida and Finnos Starts Cooperation In Sweden

Finnos is starting cooperation with Vida in Sweden. Finnos is installing the Finnos Fusion log sorting system to Mörlunda this summer 2021.

"We think FINNOS has a high level of technology. The company has a positive development. The most important thing is that FINNOS takes overall responsibility and they have one of the best measurement results on the market," says Jonas Axelsson, the Technical Director of VIDA.

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8/24/2020 | Customer Stories

Partnership Between Finnos and Metsä Fibre Continues in a New Sawmill Project at Rauma

Finnos has been selected as Metsä Fibre's partner for the world's most modern sawmill at Rauma. Finnos will provide a wide range of different measuring equipment from log sorting to saw line. Additionally Finnos will supply a production planner system which is based on AI (artificial intelligence), which is tailored for Rauma sawmill's needs. AI optimizes and increases the  performance of sawing process continuously.

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2/18/2020 | Customer Stories

Remarkable Advantages with New Measuring Technology

Swedish NTT magazine published an article on the 31st of January about their visit in Finnos and Mustola Timber. Finnos scanner has now been in use in Mustola for two years and their CEO Raine Koskinen says that the scanner has worked perfectly under all weather conditions. The scanner has made it possible to produce same amount of sawn timber out of smaller logs. Despite the difficult conditions during this winter they have still remained satisfied in Mustola.

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12/3/2019 | Customer Stories

Installation of Log Scanner in Tervola Sawmill is in Progress

Lapin Kansa has written an article about installation of Finnos Fusion log scanner to Tervola sawmill. With the new log scanner the sawmill can minimize waste and maximize benefits of purchased logs. The article was published in 11/29/2019.

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9/26/2019 | Customer Stories

Finnos Starts Co-operation with Tervolan Saha and Vara Sawmill

Finnos made two new contracts at WOOD fair 2019 with Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö in Finland and Vara Sawmill in Estonia. Finnos Fusion log scanners will be installed this year in log sorting.

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5/24/2019 | Customer Stories

Finnos Lite 3D Optimizer Scanner to Haka-Wood

Finnos Lite 3D Optimizer will be installed to Haka-Wood in autumn 2019. Finnos Lite Optimizer is a scanner for sawline which optimizes the positioning and orientation of logs and also controls the saw blades. The system can be later updated with X-ray module. 

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10/8/2018 | Customer Stories

Finnos Fusion has achieved the goals at Mustola Timber

Puumies (7/2018) -magazine published an article about the results of the Finnos Fusion X-ray scanner at Mustola Timber after 9 month of the commissioning. Mustola Timber is happy with the results. The CEO of Mustola Timber, Raine Koskinen, tells that Finnos promised at least one percent of savings in raw materials and Mustola Timber has saved even more. The X-ray scanner has worked very well regardless of the weather. Koskinen says that even in a small sawmill like Mustola Timber (50 000 m3 of sawn timber) the benefits are remarkable. Finnos is happy to continue working together with Mustola Timber.

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8/24/2018 | Customer Stories

Pölkky to invest in Finnos X-ray scanners

In the 1/2018 edition of Pölkky Strong Wood News they inform to invest in X-ray scanners. Next year, X-ray log scanners will be installed to all four Pölkky sawmill plants. Pölkky is interested in measurements under bark, and also in the structure of the log. 

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8/6/2018 | Customer Stories

More efficient data to UPM Kaukas with Finnos X-ray scanner

UPM Timber published an article (3.8.2018) about the results of the Finnos Fusion X-ray scanner at UPM Kaukas. The measurement of the logs and the safety has improved in the log sorting with the new X-ray scanner. Siru Väkeväinen, the project manager of UPM Kaukas, tells that the scanner has enabled new working stages that weren't possible before. UPM and Finnos are happy with the continuing cooperation.

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