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Partnership Between Finnos and Metsä Fibre Continues in a New Sawmill Project at Rauma

Finnos has been selected as Metsä Fibre's partner for the world's most modern sawmill at Rauma. Finnos will provide a wide range of different measuring equipment from log sorting to saw line. Additionally Finnos will supply a production planner system which is based on AI (artificial intelligence), which is tailored for Rauma sawmill's needs. AI optimizes and increases the  performance of sawing process continuously.

"Similar unique, new technology has never before been used on the same scale in the whole world. With multiple systems working seamlessly together, we can follow the process log by log from log sorting to sawn products. We can take each log's features into consideration when fine-tuning the process continuously in a way what has never been possible before," says Jere Heikkinen, the CEO of Finnos.

"Finnos' product development is solution-based and, customer oriented and developed together with our partners. Metsä Fibre's Rauma project makes it possible to use the latest technology in a never-seen-before industrial scale. 

"We are deepering the partnership with Finnos and continuing developing products by collecting data and simulating it," says the project director of Metsä Fibre Rauma's sawmill Harri Haapaniemi in Metsä Fibre's own release.

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