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Finnos Lite 3D Optimizer Scanner to Haka-Wood

Finnos Lite 3D Optimizer will be installed to Haka-Wood in autumn 2019. Finnos Lite Optimizer is a scanner for sawline which optimizes the positioning and orientation of logs and also controls the saw blades. The system can be later updated with X-ray module. 

-I have a technical background  and I am interested in new innovations and technology. I believe that the Finnos's scanner is high quality technology and we will get a modern product. Finnos is eager to grow and develop its products, what guarantees products which are up to date also in the future, tells Tuomo Saarisilta, the CEO of Haka-Wood.

Saarisilta says that the price is competitive and the possibility to upgrade the system with X-ray is interesting. Scanner in Haka-Wood will measure birch.

-Our main goal in the updating of the sawline is to improve the sawing accuracy. Birch is almost always little crooked and asymmetrical. Changing and asymmetrical cutting patterns and uncentered sawing improves yield and decreases the amount of wane. Surface boards are the most valuable part in birch and we need to collect it carefully, continues Saarisilta.

-The project in Haka-Wood offers excellent possibility to develop our product in a new environment and what is the best, collaboration-oriented customer, says Jere Heikkinen, the CEO of Finnos. 

The same article was also published in Puumies -magazine 4/2019: Link to the article (Finnish) 

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