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Introducing: Clint Averitt - our new employee with over 30 years of experience

Today we have the privilege to introduce you to Clint, our most recent North American employee.

Clint will be overseeing our US and Canadian operations, which is by no means a small feat. But don’t fret: Clint is bringing out the big guns with well over 30 years of experience in the industry! He has worked in every imaginable sawmill position from loading to operating to managing, you name it.

Finnos has superior technology

Clint also has experience on myriad manufacturers' scanners. He thinks Finnos’ flexibility is the thing that sets it apart from the competitors:

”I believe Finnos to have superior technology. In my opinion, European technology is superior to what we have currently in the United States. Another key factor that sets themselves apart is that other manufactures are providing conveying equipment to turnkey projects. Finnos concentrates solely on the scanning and artificial intelligence technology and doesn’t deal with all those other attributes. This I believe allows Finnos to stay on top of the competition.” he states.

Helping customers with cutting edge technology

There’s a lot of ways sawmill processes could be improved, and Clint feels passionate about truly helping customers:

”Finnos would serve sawmills very well with their cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and willingness to change and adapt to the ever-changing industry, and of course industry leading customer service at all stages of the process from planning to the commissioning phase and beyond.”

What exactly is that cutting edge technology? According to Clint it’s "X-ray, artificial intelligence, the speed and accuracy of the scanners.”