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The Help Desk manager Tiia Tikka is in her comfort zone solving problems

Tiia Tikka is the Help Desk manager at Finnos. She has worked at Finnos for a little over two years. Her duties include customer support and customer service. 


- If a client has a problem with our scanners, they contact the Help Desk. I’m able to figure out most of the problems by myself, but sometimes I need to give the case to our experts, Tiia says. 
In addition to running the customer service, Tiia’s tasks also include other background work, so the days are varied and often busy. 

Problem solving in Finnish, English and with a translation application

Tiia’s typical work day begins already at 6 AM. That’s when the mills start their day and the phone may ring right away in the morning. The caller can be from any country where Finnos has clients: Finland, Sweden, France, Estonia, Latvia, North America etc. Tiia solves problems at the Help Desk in both Finnish and English. Sometimes the caller doesn’t speak either of these languages, but the problems are always solved, assisted by Google Translate if needed, Tiia says. For Tiia these cases are something she’s used to having worked in customer service abroad. 

Problem solving at the Help Desk is rewarding

As a counterbalance to the early morning, Tiia’s work day ends at 2 PM and this rhythm suits Tiia really well. There’s plenty of free time in the afternoon and evening. The other advantage of working at the Help Desk is that you get to work with people from all departments since the clients’ problems may concern anything. The best part of working in the Help Desk is, however, solving problems. 
- It’s like being a detective looking for clues when you try to solve a client’s problem. It’s so rewarding when you find the solution and you get to help out the client, says Tiia.