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Finnos offers solutions that produce accurate, comprehensive data on log quality already from sorting. The data can be used for determining the quality and the appropriate value of a log, enabling you to accurately steer production according to orders. Our systems offer significant improvements in terms of raw materials consumption, quality yield and productivity in sawmill, pulp, energy and plywood industries.

The benefits of optimized log sorting in the sawmill industry is on average 3-4 euros per cubic meter of raw material with an additional 1-2 euros in raw material savings in accurately measured under bark top diameter. Sounds unbelievable? Ask our clients.

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The sawmill industry is undergoing a revolution. New measurement technologies and digitalization are creating unprecedented opportunities. Finnos solutions significantly improve the profitability of our clients. Join the success story!

Jere Heikkinen, CEO


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Our calculator provides you with an estimate of annual savings gained with Finnos log scanner. Enter the raw material quantity in the field and get ready to be surprised! See the video of how we make the magic happen, and contact us for more details

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