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X-ray and Laser Give Information about Features of Logs

Finnish magazine Tekniikan maailma published an article about Finnos on June. They interviewed Finnos' CEO Jere Heikkinen for the article and he is telling how X-ray and laser technology are being used in sawmill industry. 

"With X-ray it is possible to see the inner quality which is not possible to see with any other source as reliably and fast as with X-ray", says Heikkinen when asked about what can be found out with X-ray. Finnos' log scanner creates a 3D -model of the log and analyzes and calculates the features of the log. All this happens in less that half a second. Measuring of logs doesn't make the process any slower but instead faster since the operator doesn't have to assess the quality of the log visually.

You can read the whole article in Finnish from Tekniikan maailma magazine or paid article from this link.