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This is how Finnos uses AI in sawmills

From defect detection to log kicking, AI is deeply integrated into Finnos’ systems, which is one of the key ways Finnos’ products have a clear advantage when it comes to log scanning and sorting. But how exactly do our AI systems work, and what do they do?

These are a few key elements showcasing what we at Finnos achieve with AI:

  1. Our log scanners have loads of sensors ranging from simple laser cameras to X-rays that painstakingly gather data from each log that passes through. This massive amount of data then gets processed by an AI system, which combines said data and makes a fingerprint of each log (more on our fingerprinting technology on a later date, keep an eye out on our social media). The reason why we utilize AI in this process is simply speed; this process would take too long otherwise. As of now our log scanners work at 240 meters per minute. That’s ludicrous speed.

  2. The scanned log then continues along the sorting line to be kicked into a sorting bin. And here’s the kicker: taking into account all the data that was previously combined, our AI now calculates the perfect result for the log and kicks each log into it’s respective bin. Neat-o.

  3. Now’s the time for our little log to get sawed into twain. Or, quite likely, many more pieces, because now is the time to Optimize the means of production: see the sawyer gets sent the whole log virtually, 3d-imagery and all. Our AI then suggests how exactly to saw the given log to make the most out of it. It’s like a school yard bully, but for logs. A log yard bully, squeezing every penny out of the poor pine.

  4. After all this the log is no more. But don’t fret, for now you have the yield of your dreams. But just how much is it? We can also measure the output with – you guessed it – a Finnos Board Scanner. This next scanner of the lineup utilizes AI to once again check for defects etc., and calculate the yield percentage of the sawing batch.
As you can see, we at Finnos are utilizing AI full steam. But we won’t stop here; we have a team of AI professionals working on improving all of these previously mentioned elements, and coming up with new innovative ways of utilizing AI in log scanning. See you in the future!