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Installation and commissioning process

You’re on the verge of Making the Leap and optimizing the productivity of your sawmill with Finnos, but you’re wondering: What happens next? How exactly are your new systems going to be installed and how long do you have to wait? This blog post takes a deep dive into those burning questions and more, so read on to find out!


From the ground up

Much like a tree, Finnos starts from the ground up: since every sawmill is different, each Finnos installation has to adapt to customer’s demands and needs. This is where Finnos’ Project Management team gets things started. They gather information on your sawmill’s existing systems, laser scan the installation site, and ask important questions such as how logs are sorted, etc. The basic principle is the more data we have the better we can prep for what comes next.

Installation and commissioning

The installation and commissioning of a log scanner takes only 4-6 days. But before the scanner is even brought into place, some groundwork has to be laid. This includes mechanical and electrical work including installations, which are done by either your staff or our installers, depending on your preferences. If you choose to do the work yourself, we’ll send supervisors, or you can get a turnkey solution, so that you’ll get nothing short of a full service. (Champagne not included). All in all, the installation and commissioning process takes about a work-week to complete, so we’ll be out of your hair in no time.


Onboarding and support

We asked our customer, Versowood Oy for comment of the commissioning phase, and Jani Lehtinen, their production planner, shared his thoughts: ”Finnos had prepared the scanner’s software beforehand, so not a lot had to be done, and they could focus on training our staff.”

As Jani said, the commissioning process is straightforward so we can indeed focus on training your operators. Our training includes for example operational training, radiation safety training, maintenance training. The training is done before and during commissioning so that when the systems are back in business, you can fire up the engines right away. And go to the bank laughing, as we Finns say.

Once all systems are operational, and rulesets have been established, we will ensure everything is up to speed, after which we will pack our stuff and leave. But don’t worry! We won’t be far. We’ll be keeping tabs on you, and our support crew is always willing to help, in case you need assistance or a potential change or repair.

"Questions always come up, and our operators have been really satisfied with the given support after the commissioning”, said Jani Lehtinen.

Make the Leap

Are you now ready to Make the Leap, or do you need additional information? If you have any questions about deployment, onboarding or anything else, or wish to purchase Finnos’ products, feel free to contact us here: