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Got wood? Tech is ensuring we never suffer another lumber shortage

The pandemic has been marked by brief periods of lumber shortage worldwide. The scarcity of lumber brought prices to an all-time high in May, a 400 percent peak from pre-pandemic levels.

Companies like Finnos offer a way out through tech. There’s a need for advanced technology that enables producers to create wood products in a more efficient and smarter way. Using a log x-ray system, Finnos create products that collect accurate, comprehensive data on wood quality in different stages of processing. Finnos' solutions help industries get the most out of the raw material without wasting it.

With customers in over 18 countries around the world, Finnos is looking to play their own role in making sure the industry can meet demand. “With the current surge in market prices for wood products, our technology could benefit the global market,” says Jyri Smagin, Chief Sales Officer.

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