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Finnos Has Been Rewarded as a Company of the Year 2019 in Lappeenranta

Finnos has been rewarded as a company of the year 2019 in Lappeenranta by Lappeenrannan yrittäjät ry. Thank You Lappeenrannan yrittäjät ry and above all thanks to all of our customers and partners. We would also like to congratulate for both Hiski Hämäläinen private entrepreneur of the year and Elisa Vauhkonen young entrepreneur of the year.

The choice for a company of the year was based on stunning growth story of Finnos. "It's great to see such a young company ranked as company of the year ", tells Jere Heikkinen, CEO of Finnos. A local newspaper Etelä-Saimaa published an article about this company of the year reward. You can read it in Finnish: Link to the article.

Reward as a company of the year isn't the only credit for Finnos in 2019. Earlier this year Finnos took part in Startup World Cup Grand Final in San Francisco, US and pitched the way into the top 12. You can read more about that in previous article: Link to the article.