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Conquering Sweden - Finnos Seminar 2020

Puumies magazine 3/2020 wrote an article about Finnos seminar organized in Karlstad, Sweden. The theme of the seminar was Sawmill of 2020: AI & X-ray Reinforced Sawmill. Finnos and its cooperatives had speeches about artificial intelligence, semiautomatic grading and sorting and the newest technologies in the field.

Guests were invited around the world and seminar had attendees from three different countries. Finnos' goal is to organize even more similar seminars in the future

In 2016 Finnos estimated that the first change would be in log sorting where the first mistakes can be fixed. The second estimation was that second change would be in sawline where you can fix the next mistakes and accurately rotate and saw logs. The second wave was estimated to start in the end of 2019, but because of the big changes in the market, the second wave is starting in summer 2020. Finnos is currently building the readiness for AI, what is making the "fingerprint" technology possible

"Even though we commonly talk about customers, we are really looking for cooperating partners, who wants to develop together with us. It takes us even further and it motivates our team and that's why we believe cooperating is the future" says, the CEO of Finnos, Jere Heikkinen.

The whole article in Finnish