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A workplace of openness and creativity

As a software developer at Finnos, Essi Rautasalo uses mathematics and algorithms to find effective ways to utilize data produced by log scanners.

Meaningful work in a vital field

Essi Rautasalo operates within Finnos’ development team, focusing on post-processing the data generated by scanners. When a log passes through one of Finnos’ scanners, a massive amount of data is collected. Essi’s role as a software developer is to determine how algorithms can extract key results from this data for each customer. This ensures that the raw material at the sawmill is utilized most efficiently and waste is minimized. Solutions are often brainstormed and discussed with the team, but day-to-day work is largely carried out independently through remote work. Rautasalo’s work as a computational software developer involves mathematics, data manipulation, algorithm implementation, and testing.

  • The best part of the job is solving challenging problems, both individually and collaboratively. Seeing how my contribution translates into the customer’s benefits is motivating, and it’s meaningful to be involved in significant work within a crucial field. It’s also wonderful to have a support network of skilled individuals around, Essi shares.

The sawmill industry was unfamiliar to Essi before Finnos, but she was well introduced to the field and even had the opportunity to visit a sawmill to witness how log sorting works in practice.

What sets Finnos apart from other companies in the industry?

Essi started at Finnos as a summer worker in 2018. She learned about the job opportunity through Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT), where she studied applied mathematics and intelligent computation. After her summer job, Essi stayed with Finnos and now works as a full-time software developer.

In her five years at Finnos, Essi has seen how the company has grown and evolved. According to her, Finnos stands out as a pioneer in the field, with its greatest strength lying in its openness.

  • Just like in mathematics, this field requires openness and creativity. At Finnos, we don’t get stuck in traditional patterns; instead, we are constantly seeking new ways to harness the latest technology. We consider the big picture and boldly move forward with that in mind”, Essi responds.

Finnos’ success is also supported by a skilled workforce and flexible work culture. The culture encourages creativity – individuals seeking solitude can find it, but help is always available, with team members supporting one another. Solutions are often brainstormed together, but unnecessary meeting overload is not a source of stress. Essi recommends Finnos to others as well.

  • You get to tackle interesting tasks and learn new things here. Because Finnos is at the forefront of technology, working here also ensures that you don’t fall behind in technological advancements”, Rautasalo concludes.