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9/30/2020 | Current Topics

Jyri Smagin Appointed As The Chief Sales Officer

Jyri Smagin has been appointed as the Chief Sales Officer of Finnos starting from 1st of October 2020. Jyri has been working over 8 years in sawmill industry with sales and managing assignments in Finland and internationally. Welcome to the team Jyri!

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5/20/2020 | Current Topics

Jere Heikkinen Has Been Awarded As The Young Researcher Entrepreneur of 2019

The Finnish Science Foundation for Technology and Economics KAUTE has awarded the CEO of Finnos, Jere Heikkinen as the young researcher entrepreneur of 2019. 

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11/20/2019 | Current Topics

Finnos Has Been Rewarded as a Company of the Year 2019 in Lappeenranta

Finnos has been rewarded as a company of the year 2019 in Lappeenranta by Lappeenrannan yrittäjät ry. Thank You Lappeenrannan yrittäjät ry and above all thanks to all of our customers and partners. We would also like to congratulate for both Hiski Hämäläinen private entrepreneur of the year and Elisa Vauhkonen young entrepreneur of the year.

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5/21/2019 | Current Topics

Finnos in top 12 in Grand Final of Startup World Cup 2019

Finnos took part in Startup World Cup Grand Final in San Francisco, US and pitched the way into the top 12. 

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3/7/2019 | Current Topics

Finnos Wins the Startup World Cup Finland 2019!

Finnos won the Startup World Cup Finland 2019! The finale was held in Pakkahuone at Tampere 6.3.2019. There were 8 finalists who pitched in the event.

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11/2/2018 | Current Topics

Finnos is the startup of the year 2018

Finnos was selected as the startup of the year 2018 in Kasvu Open competition. Finnos was also selected as the audience's favorite. Kasvu Open competition lasted for a year and over 800 companies applied, from which 100 companies was selected to the final. Jury described Finnos as following: "Finnos has evidence that customers are willing to pay for the solution. The company has taken a flying start with its business deal. The product has excellent prerequisites for international growth and new business models."

The award is for our whole team and we thank all our customers and cooperation partners. Thank you!

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3/16/2018 | Current Topics

Finnos for victory on the forestry and nature entrepreneurship path

Finnos has been selected the most promising forestry and nature growth company by Kasvu Open. The competition included 69 in total. The winners will face off in the national Kasvu Open final 10.24.-25.2018.

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