12/11/2018 | Finnos | Finnos

New possibilities for Finnos scanners

Kauppalehti 4.12.2018 published an article about the history, present and future of Finnos. The history of Finnos goes back to year 1988, when a company called Bintec was established. Bintec was the pioneer of X-ray technology in sawmill industry and year 2016 Finnos bought the business and continued the work. Finnos has been able to reclaim all the promises it made to its customers. In the next year 2019, over 30 sawmills have Finnos X-ray and over 50 % of all sawmill raw material is sorted automatically with them.

The technology is sold to other industries as well. For example, roof tile factory Orimax Monier already has Finnos X-ray scanner. Technology can be also applied to plywood- and energyindustries.

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Watch the video about the X-ray from Ormax Monier: TILE-X: Video