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The registrar's name

Finnos Oy
Business ID: 27561334

Address: Tukkikatu 5
53900 Lappeenranta


Contacting the Registry

Jere Heikkinen
puhelin: +358 40 336 8652
sähköposti: jere.heikkinen@finnos.fi


Registry name

Finnos Oy's Marketing Register


Purpose of processing personal data

The person's contact information in the register is used to promote sales of Finnos Oy. Information is also used for marketing and other information purposes.


Data content of the register

The data content of the register consists of the following information. Some of the information is mandatory, depending on the purpose of use, so that the matter can be handled in the required manner.

  • First and last name of the person
  • Contact person (phone number, email address)
  • Additional information (additional information provided by a person such as a free-form post or feedback)
  • Other identifying information (including the public IP address of a person)
  • Monitoring data (monitoring of electronic marketing actions)
  • Cookie information (read more about our cookie policy)

Regular sources of information

Information provided by the person with his or her own consent, either on forms in the online service or in sales and demonstration events, as well as materials that support the analysis and development of online service collected automatically by the online service.


Data handling, handover and storage

The information is processed within and outside the EU or the EEA. Information will not be disclosed to be used by non-Finnos Oy. The information will be retained as long as the customer relationship can be considered valid as well as after a reasonable period of time after the customer relationship has been terminated.


Principles of registry protection

The information in the register is located in protected environments under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.


Inspection and correction right

Everyone who has filed a record in the register has the right to check their own records in the register and to demand that they be corrected. The repair request is made by e-mail to the contact's email address. The request is addressed by default to the personal data associated with the sender's e-mail address unless the person who sent the request is identified in some other way.


Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person has the right to deny the controller access to data about himself for direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing or market and opinion surveys. If a person wants to ban this kind of activity, he can do so by contacting the registrar by email.