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8/5/2020 | Finnos

Awarded Entrepreneur Is Renewing Sawmill Industry with AI

Finnish online magazine TEK published an article about Finnos on June. They interviewed Finnos' CEO Jere Heikkinen who was recently awarded as the young researcher entrepreneur of the year 2019.

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7/14/2020 | Finnos

X-ray and Laser Give Information about Features of Logs

Finnish magazine Tekniikan maailma published an article about Finnos on June. They interviewed Finnos' CEO Jere Heikkinen for the article and he is telling how X-ray and laser technology are being used in sawmill industry. 

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4/20/2020 | Finnos,
4/20/2020 | Events

Conquering Sweden - Finnos Seminar 2020

Puumies magazine 3/2020 wrote an article about Finnos seminar organized in Karlstad, Sweden. The theme of the seminar was Sawmill of 2020: AI & X-ray Reinforced Sawmill. Finnos and its cooperatives had speeches about artificial intelligence, semiautomatic grading and sorting and the newest technologies in the field.

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9/2/2019 | Finnos

More Results with Finnos Scanners

Teollisuusuutiset (09/2019) wrote an article of Finnos's growth story. Finnos started its path by conquering home market Finland, but now Finnos is heading to global market. Steps have been taken to Russia, Sweden and Baltic countries, but Finnos has activities in 18 different countries. 

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12/11/2018 | Finnos

New possibilities for Finnos scanners

Kauppalehti 4.12.2018 published an article about the history, present and future of Finnos. The history of Finnos goes back to year 1988, when a company called Bintec was established. Bintec was the pioneer of X-ray technology in sawmill industry and year 2016 Finnos bought the business and continued the work. Finnos has been able to reclaim all the promises it made to its customers. In the next year 2019, over 30 sawmills have Finnos X-ray and over 50 % of all sawmill raw material is sorted automatically with them.

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1/12/2018 | Finnos

Finnos gets off to a flying start, aims to conquer the world

Etelä-Saimaa article published on 01.10.2018 describes how Finnos, which has its roots at a university, plans to conquer the world.

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7/4/2017 | Finnos

Pioneer of X-ray technology

The 07.02.2017 edition of Tekniikka&Talous focuses on Finland’s pioneering role in utilizing X-ray technology within the sawmill industry. Finnos is a trailblazer of technological development.

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4/3/2017 | Finnos

X-ray technology increasing productivity

Savon Yritysuutiset published an article discussing digitalization in the sawmill industry, describing Finnos’ objective of assuming a pioneering role. Finnos’ log sorting system based on X-ray technology helps improve raw material yield, product quality and productivity. Strong application know-how, advanced technology and client-oriented product development enable the company to produce solutions and seize opportunities created by digitalization across various sectors.

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3/15/2017 | Finnos

Finnos developing smart machine vision systems for quality control

Wirma, the non-profit development company owned by the city of Lappeenranta, published an article on Finnos’ machine vision solutions. Read more about the company's path towards becoming the leading machine vision manufacturer.

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9/1/2016 | Finnos

Finnos continuing pioneering development work with Bintec

The 08/2016 edition of Puumies mentions the tight-knit collaboration between Finnos and Bintec. The objective is to develop and produce unique measuring solutions for the sawmill industry. The technology is here: This X-ray-based measuring system is the first step towards digitalization of sawmills.

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